Oil-Seed crushing is a sequence of several of the following processes:

  • Dehulling, to increase the protein content of the de-oiled meal
  • Vertical Seed Conditioner (HVSC), to heat and dry the seed slowly and efficiently,
      serving it to be conditioned properly for further processing.
  • Cracking, to reduce the particle size of the seeds
  • Flaking, to rupture the cell structure of the broken seeds
  • Cooking, to reduce the viscosity of the oil and adjust the moisture content

Solvent Extraction is a process the oil remaining in oil flakes or cakes of oil seeds is extracted with the help of a solvent. Our Client HUM, as in all edible oil technologies, pioneers all companies in the market in extraction systems. The extraction systems, which we, the HUM has developed and installed, are operating trouble free in the world. Based on his experience and the regular appearance in the market, HUM solvent extraction technology is being progressed continuously in order to meet the needs of the customers.

After a good preparation, the seed oil is extracted from the screw presses in the pressing unit. One of the pressing methods is selected according to the desired oil content in the cake. With the modifications and the renovations made in the new model Screw Presses, which are the latest product of HUM’s research and development activities,

  • Cold Pressing    • Full Pressing    • Pre-Pressing

The residual oil from the press is sent to the Oil Screening Tank and the cake to the Cake Cooler for cooling.

We have improved the ease of use and safety,

We have extended the lifetime and reduced cost of maintenance, 

We have increased efficiency