What we Provide

We provide Turn-key projects with the Latest European Technology Grain Silos Systems, Grain Dryers Oil Extraction and Refining Plants Margarine & Ghee Plants Latest Flour & Biscuit Mills Poultry Processing Plants Latest Automatic Feed Mills for all Poultry.The Grains Companies build turnkey plants and plant units with its own engineering at the edible oil sector worldwide, manufactures the machines and systems used at oilseeds crushing and edible oil refining plants, gives direction to the renovation investments with the engineering service provided by its expert staff


We as The Grains our main purposes are establishing facilities which will preeminently meet customer needs and expectations, realizing engineering and after-sale services by exceeding customer expectations, adding long lasting values to our country, our workers and the society within the scope of quality management systems, international engineering and production standards. According to these purposes, we present those written below as our Quality policy;

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Construction Management
Facility Maintenance
Renewable Energy
Safe and Reliable Operation

Board of Directors


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Project Manager

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Project Leader

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