Dry system extruder provides 90% or higher cooking. Increases taste, odor and utility.

In dry system, it is purified from fungi and bacteria by sterilization due to obtaining heat conditions.

The product you get with the extruder allows you to benefit from the advantages of fresh usage compared to pulps.

Provides the desired level of urease activity in whole soybean. Controls the activity of the trypsin inhibitor by heat treatment.

20% and more oil seeds (soy, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, rapeseed, food and oven residues by extruding increases the ability to digest.

25-35% moisture corn is passed through the extruder to obtain dry extruded corn with high digestibility.

Soy extruded in dry extruder technology, soybean and other raw materials, providing the breakdown in the cells increases the utilization of feed. Increases Metabolic Energy and starch gelatinization.

The durability of the extruded raw material increases.

Chicken-Turkey, incubation residues are extruded.

They are indispensable technological machines in fish and aquaculture feed and pet feeds.

Easily unassembled and installed. There is ease of operation. No spare parts problems.

Torpedo Dry Extruder increases the digestion and utilization rate of each material it cooks. Cooking provides a hygienic environment. It removes unwanted nutrients and enzymes.

Torpedo Dry Extruder obtains high heat by friction, thus providing high quality feed and food in the shortest time.

It is available in our steam-fed wet extruder systems with pre-conditioner for special needs.

Pre-contiotioner facilitates uniform distribution of water and steam.

TORPIDO Extruder performs the functions of full cooking in the raw material used, extrusion drying with cell explosion under pressure, texturizing stabilizing and most importantly sterilizing (sterlizing) of the material.

TORPIDO EXTRUDER machine (250 – 750 – 1000 – 1250 – 2500 – 3500 – 5000 – 7500) kg / hour soybean processing capacity, according to the production are available. It also establishes turnkey plants with sieve, crusher and cooling-drying systems.