Grain Handling Equipment

We offer Dehsetiler’s highly Efficient & Durable Branded grain handling equipment such as Bucket Elevators, Elevator Towers, Chain Conveyors, Inclined Conveyors, Enclosed Belt Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Distributors, Motorized Shut-Off Slides, Manuel Shut-off Slides, Grain Cleaners, Dust Collection Systems, Weighing Systems, Catwalk and Automation Systems.

Grain Handling Equipment

We offer highly efficient and durable branded Grain Handling Equipment of Dehsetiler such as Bucket Elevators, Elevator Towers, Catwalks, Chain Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Inclined Chain Conveyors, Motorized Shut-Off Slides, Manuel Shut-off Slides, Distributors, Grain Cleaning and Dust Collecting Systems, Weighing Systems and Automation Systems.

Bucket Elevators: We use plastic buckets in the production of bucket elevators. Elevators are produced from galvanized steel and all parts are mounted to each other with bolt-nut connection. This shortens the assembly time and this also shortens the maintenance time. Bucket Elevator pipe fittings have high humidity insulation. All Bucket Elevators are dust proof. Optionally, they are produced with handrails, platforms and steel rope tensioners.

Elevator Towers: Elevator towers are used to support bucket elevators. There might be ladder with 2 side banisters inside the tower with resting platform optionally. There are also platforms at the distributor and elevator head level. (Capacity up to 30 – 600 TPH)

Chain Conveyors: Chain conveyors are equipment used to transport grain horizontally. Conveyor chains are specially manufactured from steel with high tensile strength.

Thanks to the plastic pedals with high friction resistance mounted on the chain, the transportation process is carried out without damaging the product and with less force. In addition, thanks to these pallets, the friction of the steel with the steel is prevented, and the system is ensured to operate without any problems for many years.

transport process; It is made with gears, chains and carrier pallets fixed on the chain. The chain elements (chain, chain pin and chain rollers) that are hardened by heat treatment are made to have high breaking and shear strength.


Chain conveyors are used for horizontal handling of grain. Our conveyor chain is heat threated and case hardened with press-fit joints. Thanks to the plastic pedals are mounted on high tensile strength conveyor chain. By those plastic pedals, friction inside the conveyor is reduced so the required power is also reduced helping conveyor efficiency. Also, by those plastic pedals, steel to steel contact is eliminated. (Capacity up to 25 – 300 TPH)

Inclined Chain Conveyors:
The Inclined chain conveyors are used to handle the grain to high level point by inclination of chain conveyor. Thanks to its horizontal – vertical combination design, it reduces the handling equipment using this type of conveyor, you may place bucket elevators without manhole, reduce the height of bucket elevator. You may transfer grain vertically by this type of conveyor without bucket elevator. (Capacity up to 30 – 600 TPH)

Belt Conveyors:
Belt conveyors are used at pulse, seed, Rice industry to prevent grain damage. As the grain moves only on the belt, it is easy handle different type of grains without any mixing. When compared with chain conveyors, handling to longer distances with higher capacities is possible with belt conveyors. There are 2 types of belt conveyors: Open Type and Enclosed Belt Conveyors. (Capacity up to 50 – 500 TPH) (Belt width 400-1200 mm)

Enclosed Belt Conveyors:
Enclosed type belt conveyors; provides high capacity transmission of sensitive powders and granular products to remote locations. Band friction is avoided by using wear-resistant polyethylene sheet at the bottom. The top cover opens easily and protects the product from external factors. Driving drum coated with rubber and slipping is prevented. Our enclosed type belt conveyors, products are transported without mixing. (Capacity up to 50 – 1000 TPH) (Belt width 400-1300 mm)

Distributors are used to channel grain to different points. They are 2 types, single inlet and multi inlet. They are controlled by magnetic sensors. (Capacity up to 50 – 250 TPH)

Catwalk: Catwalks are used to carry the horizontal grain handling equipment. By the help of catwalks; maintenance, repair and control work of these handling equipment can be done easily.    

Drum type grain separators:
Drum type grain separators are used for pre-cleaning of grain. The Grain is separated by the help of perforated drum with different diameter holes. This drum has self-cleaning brush. The capacity can be adjusted by the inclination of drum for different kind of grains. With its dust collection unit, dust in the grain can be removed.

Automation Systems:
In automatic control, the handling equipment are operated in an order by the help of PLC to prevent overload. Semi automation system only controls the operation of handling equipment. Full automation system controls the grain level in silos continuously, it operates the aeration system is there is failure in the full part of silo. It detects grain temperature, grain level, system failure, maintenance times full time, save reports, warns the operator by full automation using SCADA