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Grain Handling & Storage Systems

  • Grains Handling Equipment
  • PLC operated Automatic Temperature Monitoring & Aeration Systems
  • Grains Dryers
  • Hangers

Grain Processing Systems

  • Feed Mills (Poultry, Dairy & Fish Feed)
  • Grains Processing System for Rice
  • Oil Grains  Processing System

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Grain Handling & Storage Systems

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  • Grain Storage Steel Silos (Capacity : 50 to 20,000 Tons Each)
  • Grains Handling Equipment ( Capacity : 10 to 500 Tons Per Hour Each Line)
  • PLC operated Automatic Temperature Monitoring & Aeration Systems
  • Grains Dryers   (Capacity : 5 to 60 Ton Each)
  • Hangers   (With Ventilation System)

Grain Processing Systems

This series equipment absorbs advanced international cleaning equipment, adopts advanced flour milling techniques, lightly grinding, adopts purifier for precise grading, reduction mill grinding different stocks after grading, smooth roller grinding, impacting flour making, it can get high-grade special flour. 

We offering Feed Mills with premium design conditions and most superior quality parameters. Dehsetiler highly efficient and durable feed plants are the outcome of latest feed milling technology. Dehsetiler is one of the leading Turkish Company with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of feed milling machinery and their spares.

Feed Mills (Poultry, Dairy & Fish Feed)

  • European Automatic Feed Mills (Capacity : 250 Kg to 100 Tons per Hour)
  • Systems Micro Dosing, Auto Bagging, Dust Collection, Molasses & Oil Dosing
  • Pellet Mills: With Stainless Steel Feeder, Conditioners
  • Pellet Dies: Both in SS and Alloy Steel
  • Pellet Rollers

Oil Grains Processing System

  • Oil Extraction Plants & Machinery (Capacity: 300 to 2,000 Tons Per Day)

Grains Processing System for Rice

  • Complete Rice Processing Plant & Machinery (Capacity : 2 to 20 Tons Per Hour)
  • Paddy Cleaners, De-Huskers, Length & Width Graders
  • Water Polishers and Pneumatic Polishers
  • Color Sorters in various capacities
  • Paddy and Rice Test Laboratories
  • Paddy Dryers (Mobile & Stationery Dryers) With Gas, Rice Husk or Coal as Fuel

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Grain Storage Silos

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