Flat Bottom Silos are used for long term grain storage in bulk. The roof of the Flat bottom silos has a 30 degrees slope angle. This angle is nearly 2 degrees less than the filling angle of the grain. By this difference, there would be no grain load at the roof even if the silo is full up to its top and a space occurs between the grain layer and the inner part of the silo roof. By this space, the stored grain and the steel sheet do not touch each other and no condensation occurs because of the difference between inner and outer temperature of the silo. And, by the ventilation outlet at the roof, natural air circulation exists. This natural air circulation is supported by aeration fans and the grain is stored for a while.


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We manufacture and supply hopper bottom grain storage silos at high quality besides flat bottom grain storage silos. These types of silos are used mostly as buffer bins, humid grain silo bins, day bins or before drying and mill silos before processing for fast discharge. These types of silos are manufactured up to 2.000 tons wheat capacity